Products that have withstood the test of time, natural limestone used in building projects continues to impress and surpass quality standards. The versatile uses of Building stone and then Stone Veneer enhance the strength and visual appeal of stone to work on both exterior and interior building projects.

Building Stone

Stone used as decorative facing material, usually on the side of a building

Thin Stone Veneer

Thin pieces of building stone that doesn’t need the ledger, footings or wall ties required by conventional full veneer products.


Stone slabs that are cut into a hearth or mantel piece for your project


A decorative architectural stone slab found over portals, doors, windows and fireplaces


Natural cleft window sills are available 6¾” deep x 1½” – 2¼” thick in random lengths from 18” – 30”. Supplied with three sides sawn and one long edge rocked.